If you’re sick to death of the sound of your own voice, you find yourself hiding in the bathroom to get away from your kids, want to throat punch your husband at the mere suggestion that he’s had a rough day at work, have a few mental breakdowns each day and are pretty sure you should be medicated, you’ve found your people.  If you go to the doctor and after reciting the laundry list of things that are wrong with you the response–no matter what your symptoms are–is always, “Well, you have kids,” then you my friend are home.

If visiting your therapist is a much-anticipated event:


I’ve opened the floodgates and started a blog based on the chaos that is my life every day.  I’ve been blogging for years but long resisted the idea of joining the ranks of mommy bloggers, despite friends and family telling me I should write about some of the shit I share with them.   There’s an ass ton of mom bloggers out there.  How would my offerings be any different?

Then I started thinking about it.  I’m not particularly crafty, I no longer have a baby.  I no longer watch my mouth like I did when I was on kid #1.  I don’t have a house that looks like it’s straight up out of Better Homes & Gardens.  I bear no resemblance whatsoever to June Cleaver or a Stepford Wife.  I am not religious.  I don’t bake, sew or homeschool.   I don’t believe every kid should get an award for participation and the fact that so many schools don’t give Fs anymore makes me crazy.  And this is precisely why I felt I had something to contribute to the throngs of mom blogs out there.  Because I’m not any of those things.

What I do have in common with most mom bloggers is the crushing fatigue, the inability to find one moment’s peace, endless questions all day long, feelings of isolation despite never being alone, the thankless job of taking care of everyone’s everything and the most important–an intense love for my children.  I also bring experience.  I’ve been parenting for 20 years.  Even as it comes out of my mouth it’s hard to wrap my brain around it.  20 years.  I’ve seen 3 kids go out into the world.  I have 2 left at home.  For all of the differences, moms are essentially the same.  We love our kids and want the best for them.

What You Will Find Here

Essentially you will find a whole lot of bitching.  You will also hear a whole lot of bad words.  Just keepin’ it real, folks.  I say “fuck” a lot.  I’ve been known to make up my own curse words.  I don’t just have words, I have curse phrases.  I honestly feel guilty about unloading on a therapist.  There’s just so much shit.  So much, people.  When I feel guilty about sharing the details of my life with a therapist being paid to listen to me, you know I’ve got some issues.  So what’s the next best thing to getting professional help for yourself?  Why starting a blog of course!

We’ll delve into societal norms and how they are changing within families, product reviews, food, health and how motherhood doesn’t have to be the end of you as an individual.  We’ll explore “mommy wars” and why that shit deserves the finger big time.  We’re all in this together.  Hopefully we’ll have fun along the way!

So sit the hell down and buckle up, buttercup.  This mom’s about to give the one finger salute to a whole bunch of shit.



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