Happy Tuesday, guys!  We are past the Monday moods and on to the day many of us look forward to cramming delightful crunchy, cheesy goodness into our mouths.  It’s also a day I’m going to set aside for chatting about stuff that we need to get out.  You know, that thing that you’re dealing with right now that you just need to “taco bout.”  See what I did there?

Now I know we all have multiple issues going on at once (duh, we’re moms), but there’s sure to be one that you really need to get off your chest.  That thing that is poking at you like that asshole kid on the plane repeatedly kicking your seat.  You have to deal with it one way or another.

So grab the chips, guac and a margarita and let’s get to it.

What The Fuck Happened?

Today I’m gonna “taco bout” my own fitness journey.  I know lots of moms struggle with their bodies after they’ve had children, or perhaps with finding the energy to work out when you’re already exhausted from dealing with kids all day.  Or maybe you’ve hit a point in your life where things aren’t quite the same as they used to be; your metabolism is slowing down and you’re starting to freak out a little.

We’ve all had that moment, standing in front of the bathroom mirror staring at our bodies, wondering what the fuck happened.  In my case, I’ve had multiple abdominal surgeries, including 3 c-sections.  I have a separation of the abdominal muscles called diastasis recti.  Commonly occurring during pregnancy, it can cause organs to protrude from behind, so you pretty much look pregnant even though you’re not.  That’s a cheery thought, right girls?  Add onto that a 5 year period where I had upwards of 15 surgeries and that’s a lot of time lying around recuperating.  I had so many stops and starts that my workout routine couldn’t ever really be a damn routine.


Bumps In The Road

Having said all of that, I’ve hit a bump in my fitness road.  My last surgery was about 5 months ago, and despite having developed a complication from that one as well (shoot me now), I resumed working out.  It was not a serious complication and I decided–for now–to live with it.  I could absolutely not handle any more time in bed recovering, or on light duty not being able to do anything.

Then I noticed that my back was hurting much more than it normally did.  After you have kids it is not uncommon for your back to never stop hurting.  I don’t care what any doctor says, I don’t think it ever stops.  Pregnancy wrecks you.  Just keeping it real, folks.  But this was a worse and different back pain.  Turns out I had some bulging discs.


No gym for me.  And around about the time the back started feeling better, a familiar shoulder pain I’d dealt with about a year earlier decided to come back.  Take me out behind the barn, people.  Just get it over with.  I was so fucking depressed I can’t even properly articulate how discouraged I was.  I felt I was doomed to be overweight and pudgy and to just not attain what I wanted to attain fitness-wise.

I stopped going to the gym except sporadically.  I just lost something.  Despite a few workout sessions, it’s probably been 3 months since I last regularly worked out.  “Regular” being more than one workout per week.  Summer came and I could no longer go to the gym alone, and it took forever to get the kids up and moving in the morning.  I let it get to me.  I’ve struggled with eating enough.  I just hit a place where I fell back into the routine of not paying enough attention to the time and attention I needed to give myself.  You must spend time on yourself, mamas.  This is crucial.

Getting On With It

The pity party continued for a while and as of this past week, I’ve jumped back into regular workouts.  I can’t let all that time and effort in the gym these past few years culminate in my giving up.

I’ve had my pity party, now it’s time to get on with it.

Back to my strict food rules.  Back to the gym regularly.  Today I’m off to check out a local gym.  Since my trainer changed careers I need a new one.  Every step forward is a step closer to the end goal.  Let’s do this!

Are you on a similar journey?  Are you thinking about how you need to change your life?  Share your story!  Everyone could use support when embarking on a fitness routine of any kind.  It’s always a good idea to check with your doctor first, to make sure you are in good health and able to start a workout routine.  They may also be able to direct you to a nutritionist to help you with proper diet.

Just having like-minded folks to talk to can mean so much.  Stay tuned as we will be sharing some amazing, kick ass ladies who have changed their lives through their own fitness journeys.  We will also be adding a food/recipes section, so we can all avoid the boredom of getting caught in the same old routine.  We can eat fish, chicken and broccoli constantly, but personally, I’m bored to tears with food and need to shake it up a little.  I’m on this journey, too, still learning and trying to find what works for me.

Come along and share or start your own journey!


If you’d like to read some of the backstory on what prompted me to embark on changing my life, please check out my other blog Walks With Rama.

4 thoughts on “Taco Bout It Tuesday

  1. I feel like you are reading my mind. 😂I just started trying to get back in shape after dealing with back issues for the past couple years and just for fun a hysterectomy thrown in to the mix as well.

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